Access Control System

Whether your organization consists of a single location, a few facilities that are locally dispersed, or many that span the globe, this solution grows as your company grows. Our Enterprise Access Control System gives corporate security personnel and IT managers central control over the entire system, while each local facility maintains independent control of its individual operation.

Access Control + Event Management

Our scalable security management solution encompasses complete access control and advanced event monitoring. As the foundation for security management, our software integrates highly advanced technologies to provide the most powerful solution on the market.


Control Panels
Our controller suite is among the industry’s most reliable and secure enterprise-wide access control solution.

Card Readers
We offer a wide range of proximity readers compatible with the leading proximity card brands including HID

Single Door Access Solutions
We offer a cost-effective single door access control solution that houses both the door controller and reader.

Multiple Technology Readers
Take control of your security system by adding the convenience of wireless protection. You can arm/disarm your system from the keyfob.

Scramble Keypad
Scramble Keypad is a unique keypad reader designed to prevent onlookers from detecting the PIN being entered.

Smart Card Readers
Smart Card readers provide a much higher level of security than standard proximity or magnetic stripe readers.

Biometric Solutions
Biometric readers provide a much higher level of security and can improve facility security without comprimising user convenience.

Exit Control Devices
Exit Detector provides a complete solution for exit detection and door surveillance and is the fastest and most reliable on the market.